This little room next to the living-room was Philomena's bedroom and still contains her personal belongings, for example her Sunday best, a sewing-machine with an original bill from 1913, a little cupboard with a discreetly hidden chamber-pot, a frame with the hair of her dead mother, a clothes-chest with the inscription 1796 and much more.
The bed is noticeably small - this is because in those days people slept in an almost upright position on a sack of straw with many cushions. The farmers used to say: "Only a dead horse lies down."

Medicine herbs from their kitchen garden were used to cure illnesses and the remedies were kept in the small medicine cabinet on the right of the window.
Also a so-called "Fatschenkind", a child in swaddling clothes, is exhibited. This was a hand crafted by Bavarian nuns. It was placed there at Christmas instead of a crib. The baby Jesus lying in a little box wrapped in swaddling clothes was also given to comfort young girls entering a convent who would never experience the joy of having children of their own.